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See photos from In the video below, Chando talks more about the freshman show's finale and why she and her co-stars call themselves the Scooby-Doo Gang.Watch our exclusive video interview with Alexandra Chando & Blair Redford!

In THE LYING GAME, Redford's "Ethan" is an edgy “bad boy” who is the brother of a local police officer.

) and planning a hasty wedding, all while the truth about Rebecca's past and Alec's possible involvement in a murder are coming to light.

"The engagement and wedding puts everyone on high alert," Chando says.

While Alexandra couldn't give too much away about Charisma's character, she was more than happy to gush about working with her. "We only did one scene together, and it was kind of in passing, but I think we're going to have more in the future.

She's awesome, she's great." As for whether or not » - Andy Swift New episode of ' The Lying Game' return Jan. Emma (Alexandra Chando) has always been The Lying Game's tougher twin, so I can only imagine what's reducing her to tears in this brand-new photo from the show's Jan.

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Good thing she has Ethan's (Blair Redford) shoulder to cry on -- for now!

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