Dating tattooed women

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In northern India, permanent tattoos are called godna.Tattoos have been used as cultural symbols among many tribal populations, as well as the general Hindu population of India.Unless you're prepared to blow inordinate heaps of your hard-earned money on an excruciatingly painful laser treatment — a tattoo is something you will take with you everywhere you go, for the rest of life.Only a girl who is fearless about the concept of “forever” is bold enough to get tattooed.

Like, I don't know, I genuinely have never counted and why would I? When hair grows over a tattoo on say, a leg, it looks all fuzzy and weird.Perhaps tattoos didn't make the mental list of traits because of their rough stigma or rowdy stereotypes but maybe those things are not always true.Maybe there's more to what meets the eye when it comes to those men decked out in body art. It gets old very quickly so don't be alarmed if we stare right back in their gormless faces.2. Summer (and the wearing of skirts/shorts/t-shirts) means a lot of people have their eyes glued to our tattooed bits.

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