Updating cpan modules

Posted by / 11-Sep-2017 23:07

As of Foswiki 2.0, Foswiki no longer ships with any CPAN modules.It is recommended that you use your system package manager, or if necessary, to install any missing dependencies. For building the CPAN modules from sources it is assumed that you have a fully working Perl and C development environment (including a C compiler and make tool) - but you may have much easier alternatives. When Ubuntu releases a new version of its OS every 6 months, that release is largely frozen in time. Root access is required, and I do not want to compile new binaries to install in a directory that is in my path.

This option will create new ebuilds for those that exist in your overlay already.CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) is a large repository of Perl modules.Standard Perl already has many CPAN libraries pre-installed.I will upgrade to a newer Ubuntu soon You should use perlbrew; this is the actual way to do it.Maybe Ubuntu people won't like this way because it is not package based, but if you need to involve yourself into Perl, this is a prerequisite.

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This is not required if you can install the libraries as packages (rpm, deb, etc.) If you have not yet installed Foswiki: Review the System Requirements that is shipped with your version of Foswiki. If Foswiki is installed and operational: If you think a perl module is installed, but the system claims it can't find it, then it's worth reviewing How Foswiki Finds Perl Libraries to help understand what is going on.