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Updating oracle database

Make sure the database is started and run the database upgrade assistant.This article provides a brief overview of the areas involved in upgrading existing databases to Oracle 11g Release 1.- Checking Hardware and Software Check in chapter Installation Checklist in the Oracle Database Installation Guide: https://com/viewer/disclaimer-for-links? ZIP 'SBP_12102170117_201702/OPatch/*' mv $IHRDBMS/OPatch $IHRDBMS/OPatch-pre-SBP_12102170117_201702 mv $IHRDBMS/sapbundle/SBP_12102170117_201702/OPatch $IHRDBMS/OPatch $IHRDBMS/bin/unzip -qd $IHRDBMS/sapbundle SAP12102P_1702-20012300.ZIP 'SBP_12102170117_201702/MOPatch/*' test -d $IHRDBMS/MOPatch && mv $IHRDBMS/MOPatch $IHRDBMS/MOPatch-pre-SBP_12102170117_201702 mv $IHRDBMS/sapbundle/SBP_12102170117_201702/MOPatch $IHRDBMS/MOPatch.The DBUA can be started directly from the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) or separately after the software installation is complete. SQL The Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA) is a GUI tool that guides the user through the whole upgrade process, including all the steps listed in the manual upgrade process.

Hello, Below are resumed steps to take when upgrading Oracle to 12c, using Linux OS. My intention is to show the effort that this process takes, so other members can have an idea of planning.

Direct upgrades to 12c are possible from existing databases with versions , , or release .

Upgrades from other versions are supported only via intermediate upgrades to a supported upgrade version.

The article provides the minumum information needed when preparing for the 11g Database Administation OCP upgrade exam, including: The whole migration process is beyond the scope of this article so please refer to the Upgrading to the New Release document for further information.

Direct upgrades to 11g are possible from existing databases with versions , or .

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When you are using the DBUA or performing a manual upgrade, you will need both versions of the database present to complete the operation.