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Vba status bar not updating

This way, you can let the user know that a macro is still running.

Situation: The macro we are going to create fills Range("A1: E20") with random numbers.

So my aim was to introduce a loop after the Set wd App = Create Object line, terminating when the Word application was detected as loaded, updating the progress bar as the loop progressed.

If the Set wd App = Get Object line returns returns an existing Word instance then the problem goes away. Asynch is where one process kicks off another, then let's it run to completion without monitoring progress.

In addition the green title bar at the top of the screen flickers. Calculation = xl Calculation Manual Any tips on how to deal with these issues would be very much appreciated.

Formula next cl next cl This issue i have is that application.status bar line works in excel 2016 but does not work in excel 2016.

Hi Forum Members I have developed an Excel 2003 vba programme to calculate the values of commissions payable to a number of different organisations.

Following a series of calculations initiated via a userform, a bespoke statement is then generated in Word the whole process taking approximately 7 seconds.

Or call it in the first line of your Word_Doc wd App line, as the app will definitely have control by that point... The timings are from the app running on my local computer, but it is actually located on our company server and run from a remote office on a direct line via Remote Desktop (Ouch! Depending on the line bandwidth the time timescale can become extended leaving the user with no visual indication that the procedures are progressing and this is what I was trying to address to sooth non-computer savvy users jittery nerves.

Right mouse click on the frame control, and then click on Properties.

You need to change some properties of this frame control.

Because of the timescale I have introduced a progress bar on the form where the length of a label is increased in length at predefined points in the code with a status label text changing as the programme progresses.

All works fine until the word application is initiated where a delay of approx 2 Secs occurs.

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We've kept the progress indicator as simple as possible, yet it looks professional. The Userform we are going to create looks as follows: To create this Userform, execute the following steps. Change the name to Bar, Back Color to Highlight, empty the Caption field, set the Height to 20 and Width to 10. Add the second label control and place it above the Frame control.

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